almost on track

I’m almost on track to start my OCA class exercises. my class notes and folder arrived last week via UPS. one thing I learned is that now you can collect UPS packages from the 7/eleven down the road – it’s the local 24 hour delivery drop point. I built this blog site, started reading the OCA Textiles facebook page and site forums, and bought some materials for the exercises for Assignment 1. on saturday morning, I cleared my desk and table & mind of clutter – now I can see the top again. I even rearranged my bookshelves and placed all (well, all I could find so far) the fibre art, yarn, knitting, weaving, embroidery books together, and added art books to the art books shelf.

also, I’m borrowing my boyfriend’s Mum’s spinning wheel, so I brought this home sunday night and I ordered some wool to practice spinning, so hopefully that should arrive this week. we’ve been to a few galleries in the past couple of weeks also, so I’ll write separate blog posts about them. I started collecting some plants to use as brushes in the mark making exercise – Agapanthus, Lomandra longifolia, native grasses, plus some pine tree leaves. Agapanthus is quite sappy when freshly picked – I wondered if that could make a silky, clear “paint” of sorts, though it’s probably dried up too much now.