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OCA links
OCA website
OCA student profile page
OCA Textiles Facebook group
OCA sketchbook – mixed media facebook group
OCA – techniques – videos
assessment criteria matrix – pdf file
research links at OCA textiles

embroidery + stitching artists & info + textiles art
jude hill ::: stitching, weaving, cloth making, other, great online classes
Junko Oki ::: Japan
Open source embroidery
Sue Stone ::: portraits & stitching paintings
Barbara Rogers ::: Sydney – shibori dyeing and stitching textile artist
Sabatina Leccia ::: Paris
Ana Teresa Barboza + her photo embroidery
Mana Morimoto ::: Japan – photo embroidery
Helen Terry ::: textiles artist
Debbie Lyddon ::: textiles artist
Alice Fox ::: textiles artist and printing
Alex Falkiner ::: ::: “drawing with threads” workshop (+ others)

weaving artists & info
Action Weaver ::: aka Travis Joseph Meinolf ::: beautiful woven blankets & cloth + his self-made portable loom taken out on the streets of Berlin
Curious Weaver ::: Saori weaving workshops in Old Bar, near Taree

yarn spinning & dyeing
India Flint ::: natural dyeing
Wooldancer ::: Michelle Snowdon / Wooldancer – great yarn spinning & dyeing workshops in the Blue Mountains + gorgeous art yarns
Joanna Fowles ::: shibori

printing / patterns / fabric
The Geometrics ::: a collective advancing geometric form in textiles
TDF interview with Joanna Fowles – shibori dyeing & fabric printing
the ownership project ::: printing workshop & gallery + workshop/classes

sketching & painting
Carla Sonheim ::: illustration, painting, drawing online classes
sketchbook skool ::: online sketching klass
storytelling class ::: “storytelling” sketchbook skool klass
Rosemary Firth ::: art courses online – I’m doing Rosemary’s drawing and sketchbooks for textiles classes
Sketching Now ::: with Liz Steel

fabric manipulation
Colette Wolff ::: The Art of Manipulating Fabric book (a must have!!)
Shadow folds ::: folding, origami, the art of Chris K. Palmer
Ruth Singer ::: list of Fabric Manipulation articles & her “Fabric Manipulation” book
historical sewing ::: pleating in 19th century costuming tutorial & see the ‘using vinegar to set pleats’ article also

future textiles
Textile Futures ::: MA Textile Futures course at Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design, London UK
Textile Futures Research Centre ::: textiles for a sustainable future
slow textiles group ::: slow design school + slow textiles
Biolace – Carole Collet
future fabrics virtual (online) explorer

sustainable textiles and fashion
CSF – the Centre for Sustainable Fashion

Koba Kant ::: the KOBAKANT DIY Wearable Technology Documentation – How to get what you want
e-textiles summer camp ::: eTextiles and Soft Circuitry annual event
schmelfhelp ::: art + audio + design by Tara Pattenden
Phantom Chips ::: wearable noisemaker (Tara Pattenden)
e-textile lounge
Technology + Textiles: E-textiles for textile and fashion design projects ::: class as part of Masters course at Swedish school of textiles
smart textiles ::: research lab

Biolace – Carole Collet
Textile Futures Research Centre ::: textiles for a sustainable future
Bio Art: Life in the Anthropocene ::: Artlink magazine Volume 34 Number 3

radical textiles / craftivism
Radical cross stitch
Subversive cross stitch

The History of Guerilla Knitting session by Rose White at Chaos Communication Congress
knitting articles – revolutionary knitting & riot grrrl knitters taking back craft & diy

(other) OCA student blogs
a list of OCA textile blogs – the list on facebook
list of OCA textile blogs – the list on oca-student website
OCA blog roll ::: via Judy

OCA – Australia / Sydney students
girt by sea textiles ::: Eva
fibres of being ::: Judy
tactual textiles ::: Claire
+ this blog ::: kath

textiles blogs – non-OCA
the textile blog ::: facebook page
textile artist site
textile arts calendar ::: textile arts listings for projects, workshops and exhibitions
textiles reading list ::: textiles, fibre, fabric manipulation, art, printing, painting, drawing, art books, projects, communities and artists
haptic human ::: handmade haptics ::: exploring the human touch in handmade objects — this will cover multiple disciplines including textiles

ATASDA ::: Australian Textile Artists and Surface Designers

NSW Embroiderers’ Guild ::: embroidery

Australian Lace Guild ::: guild + classes ::: bobbin lace

Hand Weavers and Spinners Guild of NSW Inc ::: guild + spinning & weaving workshops

Ravelry ::: knitting & crochet online community

textile archives, libraries & collections
The Textile Collection ::: Constance Howard Gallery at Goldsmiths, University of London

Women’s Art Library ::: MAKE at Goldsmiths, University of London

articles from my old/other blog/site
knitting & fibre articles
The History of Guerilla Knitting session by Rose White at Chaos Communication Congress
mathematical knitting
knitting articles – revolutionary knitting & riot grrrl knitters taking back craft & diy

other class blogs
Sketchbook development for textiles artists and art students class ::: with teacher, Rosemary Firth
Drawing class ::: with teacher, Rosemary Firth

books – bibliography
Christie, Grace. 1912. Embroidery and Tapestry Weaving. London: John Hogg. []
Hedley, Gwen. 2010. Drawn to stitch – Line, drawing and mark-making in textile art. Loveland: Interweave Press.

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explorations in textiles, mark making, drawing, sketchbooks, art school & uni art work