encryption dress

with all the talk of data retention and vintage (clothes) stores & work stuff this week, I had a great dream about an encryption dress this morning. I couldn’t find anything in the store that I liked, then finally chose a dress & said this’ll do. turns out it had an encryption chip in it. we couldn’t find the pricelist card for it — flat, vertical cards covered in plastic frames — sort of like house listings in the window of the real estate offices. had to scan through heaps of them – layers and layers. & seems to be waterproof also as the dress becomes swimwear/togs too (changes). lots of dream spent on adventure looking for it. turns out it cost $100K due to software licence. but they waived it & I got to keep the dress & encrypted all communications from then on. I was trying to work out how it worked without a keyboard to enter passphrase. but it was new tech. touch was all that was needed. I was also worried about the chip being so close to my heart (physical location) but it was proven to be safe to wear. good dream. chip was like a square button, sewn into the fabric. gather & press to activate. the encryption dress and chip were waterproof too because at some points in the dream it turned into togs/swimmers and I was in the water, I think when I was looking for the pricecards.

maybe it means I should get back to working on the flora gps test – flora’s working, & gps  arrived recently

website conversion

I’ve converted my website CMS to WordPress and refreshed the site. the original site has been moved to textileexplorations.com. I’ll start moving the content over slowly. I hope to re-enrol in my textiles course, so the site refresh will prepare for this (WP is the recommended CMS for the course). droppingthefeeddogs.com also has examples of my recent textiles + arts & craft work.

my other textiles related / research sites are textilesreadinglist.com, textileartscalendar.com and haptichuman.com. my main non-textiles related site is AliaK.com.