Tracing Materiality exhibition

we went along to the Tracing Materiality exhibition on Sunday. the artists had been doing some continuous drawings on large rolls of paper, as well as wall drawings, and working with wax. I’m going to try make it to the talk on the 20th march too. I loved all the work! and there was a stack of drawing books for me to chase up also 🙂

2016-03-06 18.23.18

2016-03-06 18.23.32

2016-03-06 18.23.42

2016-03-06 18.23.46

2016-03-06 18.25.32

2016-03-06 18.25.35

2016-03-06 18.25.39

2016-03-06 18.34.44

2016-03-06 18.34.49

2016-03-06 18.34.52

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‘Tracing Materiality’ is a project and exhibition by Sydney based artists Gillian Lavery, Renuka Fernando and Kath Fries. Exploring expanded drawing practices that move beyond drawing as representation to focus on materiality and mark making. The artists’ process-based approaches are open-ended, improvisational and unfolding, taking place live within the gallery over the exhibition’s duration.

Opening night with the artists and MOST wrap party Sunday 6th March 6-8pm.
Exhibition open from 5th March to 20th March. Thurs- Sun 11am-4pm

Marrickville Open Studio Trail
Continuous Drawing
Saturday 5 & Sunday 6 March 2pm

Finissage & Discussion Panel
Sunday 20 March 2pm

For further information we will be updating our blog as the exhibition proceeds.

For information about MOST

2 thoughts on “Tracing Materiality exhibition”

  1. Hi! Im interesting in mark making but having trouble finding books to read that are it geared to primary school or how to draw… Saw your photo of stack of books but can’t read the titles….did you follow any up, have any recommendation s?
    Cheers Sally

    1. hi Sally, sorry for the delayed response. my favourite drawing books are “Experimental Drawing” by Robert Kaupelis & “Drawing Projects – an exploration of the language of drawing” by Mick Maslen and Jack Southern – both of these are more experimental drawing / mark making; they have exercises to try as well as examples from artists. “Drawn to stitch – Line, drawing and mark-making in textile art” by Gwen Hedley is good for mark making also. for kids (& the young at heart), Carla Sonheim’s classes/books might suit – she has such a fun and playful style. I hope this helps!

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