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VSW100 Art + Creativity

I’ve just finished VSW100 Art + Creativity at Curtin Uni / OUA too. waiting on official grade, but it’s looking good from my assignment marks. it was another fun subject, and challenging too. we had to create objects (based on artist research) using a cardboard box, create a maquette for a public art work and finally, create detourned collages, create either an animation or plan an exhibition & its catalogue. I chose to make an animation as I hadn’t done this before. it might have been better to choose the easier (for me) option of the exhibition, but I felt that I could do that already as they’re similar to music events I’ve curated in the past.

We also had to do quite a lot of artist research, which was interesting, and I found when I became “stuck”, doing more artist research helped me break through this feeling, so it was well worth it. I need to work on the structure/organization of documenting all my work as I think it’s still a little chaotic. I also need to work on writing up my artist research at the time I do it instead of later! as this will save me more time during the last week to actually have time to review my work, instead of having to skip this important step. if I could have changed anything in my submissions it would have been to have a day or two to review before submitting.

assignment1: the cardboard box objects


assignment2: the public art maquette


assignment3: the animation