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APC100 Academic and Professional Communications

I’ve finished APC100 Academic and Professional Communications via Curtin Uni / OUA, and really enjoyed the subject. we learned how to use Chicago referencing system (I knew a bit of this from my copyediting work at Dancecult Journal), research for academic writing, write argumentative academic essays, make an oral presentation (powerpoint with audio) and organize parts of a community arts project with a team.

My tutor was Katie Fielding who was brilliant — she was very helpful, engaged and knowledgeable. If you’re planning to take this class and she’s your tutor, then you’re in great hands, and I say “lucky you!” as she really encouraged everyone to keep going and get through the class work. Previously I’d always dropped out of uni classes/courses, so I was pretty happy to complete the subject.

I also did two OUA Prep classes also – Prep03 and Prep04, which actually were similar to the research and essay writing parts of APC100, and meant that at one point I had three essays to research and write instead of one!


assignment1: academic written assignment

initial essay version

final essay version

assignment2: oral presentation

assignment3: community arts project

assignment4: reflective journal