A2: Proj3 Stage 3 Recording colours accurately – exercise 4

Assignment 2: Stage 3 Recording colours accurately – exercise 4

this exercise involved colour mixing and matching of real objects.

the first one I did was (half of) a pair of pliers, using watercolours:
a photo of the original

watercolours painting

the second one was a lemon, using guache paints:

months later (in August 2014), after doing a couple of short online classes with Carla Sonheim and in this case Fred Lisaius, and after doing many more paint and colour exercises in my sketch book / work book, I had painted “A pair of pears” which I think is a similar exercise to this one. I think this is much improved — I’m finally getting the hang of watercolours.

this is the original picture:

and this is the watercolour painting I made. I used new Schmincke and Winsor & Newton pan watercolours and mixed the colours. Fred explained how to do the colours in layers and had use use “wet on wet” technique. at times this was causing me problems, so I returned to Carla’s “wet on dry” technique and then I found a way of getting more control of the blending once the paint had dried a bit. I like the painting so much I’ve dropped it off at the framers to be framed.