sketchbook has started… finally

today I went over to Eva’s place and we ran through the Chapter One exercises – well, started them at least. so, finally my sketchbook has something in it. I have been feeling a bit overwhelmed by this part of the course – which is strange, since I signed up for the class and I was keen to start, but having to draw as part of the first exercise has been hard. it’s been over twenty years since I last drew – since grade 10 art class.

anyway, hopefully I’ve started to get through this now. I don’t think the sketches / mark-makings are very good, but I hope to look back one day and see some improvement in my work. in the meantime, I have this Ira Glass quote as my computer background, reminding me to just keep going and work through it – just do more work…

I have been to a few exhibitions and need to add these (backdated) to my blog also. hopefully this week