Globe service

I put the sewing machine in for a service at Chatswood Sewing Centre prior to my work trip & collected it on saturday. it’s working much better! the dropped stitches problem from my previous attempts has been fixed – apparently this is caused by the timing being out, so the position of the bobbin & needle are mismatched which cause it to drop stitches intermittently.

I tried some machine embroidery and had much better results too! I haven’t worked out the full control of the machine in freehand mode but I made some marks with it, and some circles. I also did another test swatch with straight stitches (in normal sewing mode) and the decorative stitches, and they’re all looking much better.

the fabric is bunching a bit with the stitches. I just grabbed the first scrap of fabric from one of my bags, so I’ll have to try some plain cotton too to see if that helps. also I think I need to guide the fabric more carefully and perhaps hold it taut more whilst moving it around, so it doesn’t bunch up more.
zoomed in: (I need to rescan this – the scan came out blurry in parts)

I really like the stitches underneath the fabric too (rear view). I’ve been reading a book by …(fill in during week) and noticed that she often uses the technique of machine embroidery on the wrong side of the fabric and turning it over. this might be something to practice more. I won’t have access to the machine for a while but will try this again.
zoomed in: (I need to rescan this – the scan came out blurry in parts)

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