Assignment 2 – Review

Assignment 2 – Review

My learning log for Assignment 2 is at — there are links to the exercises on this page. You can also access the pages via the menus — see Textiles1 – Assignment 2.

Assignment 2 — Review

I enjoyed this assignment and most of the exercises, though I though there was some repetition in the exercises and some of the instructions were a bit ambiguous and unclear. I liked exploring colour and seeing how the colours were created and combined, and being able to reproduce and match colours to other images and objects. I also enjoyed learning more about watercolour painting and how to use watercolour to layer colours to blend them and create new colours. It was good to try many other techniques also and to be encouraged to use different media in some of the exercises to see how they can change the way the image looks, and the feel of the image.

I also enjoyed the stitching for the course too. at the time I thought I’d done a lot of work on it, but looking back it seems as though my samples are quite small. I am just very slow at stitching, so this is something I’d like to explore more when I have more time. I also enjoyed working in my sketchbook more, and I feel that I’ve made a bit of progress with this now as I am working in it more regularly and can even see improvement on the work in my sketchbook from when I began this topic, to now. I loved doing the printing exercises too.

It was good to explore different printing techniques and try them out. my favourites are the blotted line prints, and the monoprinting. In my final larger sample I added some hand drawing also to show another technique. Overall I’ve enjoyed the assignment / topics. I think this assignment required quite a lot of work — even more than the first one. I think that I have overdone some of the exercises, and perhaps not done enough work on others. I was away from home for 60% of this year due to work and personal travel, so it was often difficult to work on the exercises when I didn’t have all my materials with me. I look forward to the next assignments, and trying to finish the course before the allocated time!