Stitches which create texture

A Creative Approach — Project 2 Developing your marks — Stage 5 — Stitches which create texture

In this exercise I had to work stitches in different directions, initially using the same type of thread, and then introducing other weight threads. I used a single colour thread (or as close as possible) for each sample. Some threads are shiny and thin whilst others are thicker, multi-threaded and matte. when you mix them together you can see the difference in texture each creates, as well as different textures caused by the different amount of light the threads reflect.

I began with satin stitch in red shades, using different stitch lengths and shiny and matte thread. The rows of satin stitch sit nicely next to each other. Some of the threads look softer and others look rougher.

My favourite sample is the thin white triangle peaks. The stitches are fairly close together, thinner at the bottom of the upside down V and there’s a thicker gap at the top. I stitched different number of rows along the rows. I think this makes a nice pattern and it’s something I could use in a project. I’d tried he triangle peaks in thicker orange yarn too but I don’t think it’s as effective — it seems to soften the edges, whereas the thinner white thread is more precise so the lines are more defined and crisper to my eyes.

I also tried a few samples in red and whites for overlapping stitches that crossover each other, and are of different stitch lengths and thread weights.



02/09/2013 — After discovering Junko Oki’s work, I tried a few textured stitches that she uses to create circles, triangles and lines.