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watercolour transfers – Carla Sonheim class

this weekend I’ve been trying to catch up on my printing for assignment 2 ACA. but was “distracted” by doing some online classes of Carla Sonheim’s. one was a gelli plate printing class, so I’m waiting for my gelli plate to arrive. will try similar on other makeshift plates during the week (am home with my materials for a couple of weeks). the other one was a watercolour transfer class. these are some of the watercolour painted tshirt transfer papers so far. the work is still in progress…waiting for it to dry properly then add some other media, then do/test the prints onto paper & fabric. the watercolours react nicely to the coating on the paper. I hadn’t tried this before. Carla does some amazing work – I’ve been really inspired and hope that one will turn out as nice as hers (one day). I’ve signed up for her ‘imaginary creatures’ class that’s running this week also and have started reading her books (the kindle ones). the book speaks about footpath/cracks animals. I took some photos of water splotches on the footpath near home and I can really see some imaginary animals in them so hoping I can turn them into little prints for my niece & cousins kids. maybe a little zine of them. not sure yet. (I’ve taken pics like this in the path, often of the outline that a stray hair makes on the bathroom floor – my hair is long and straight but tends to make curvy shapes as it falls out). I can really relate to her opening section of the imaginary animals (blobimals) book where she mentions she loves animals. and came late to making / studying art in her life (she was 30, I am older, but similar circumstances).

this one looks a little “busy” โ€“ I’ll see how it is once I have to cut it up

this one looks like a piglet to me:

& this one – I’m happy with the lightness of/amount of water in the watercolour – usually I think I’m too heavy handed with watercolour so I’m practicing to water it down more. getting there.

we had do make some abstract shapes using patterns and a couple of ‘landscape’ type images.

summer (winter) drawing project

some students are trying the “summer drawing project” from the distant stitch group on the OCA textile group page. I’ll try some of it too to see how it goes โ€” even though it’s winter here for me ๐Ÿ™‚ (which usually means more fibre projects as it’s nicer to knit in the colder months)

week1 โ€” exploring “What type of mark do you make most naturally?”

repeating geometric shapes seems to be my most natural mark making. the first page was done using conte pencils and the remainder using a fine (0,3) ink pen. we had to fill the page with marks. so I tried repeating the shapes to see the effect. I could definitely turn these pages into stitches. though I think lace would be suited for the circlesโ€”I might have to learn how to make lace next ๐Ÿ˜‰